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Only Sport Sunday Trophy 3rd Round Draw 2021/22








The Only Sport Sunday Trophy 2nd  Round Draw was conducted at Hampden


Park today (via Twitter live), with the help of Scottish Amateur Cup Referee


Co-ordinator, Gordon Farmer, and Executive & Finance Committee member,


Ronald Hughes.



These ties will be played on or before Sunday 7th November 2021.


Take a look at the full draw below:





Saughton Sounders AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  Calderbraes AFC (FCSAFL)


Airdrie Albion (G&DSFC)  v  Niddrie Star AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Eastend United AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Donner Inn AFC (FCSAFL)


Edinburgh East AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  Tranent AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Southside Spartans AFC (G&DSFC) or Weirs AFC (FCSAFL)  v  Eastwood Park AFC (FCSAFL)


Maryhill Black Star AFC (G&DSC)  v  Eastend Rovers AFC (A&CAFL)


Drumchapel United AFC (FCSAFL)  v  Kirkintilloch Harp AFC (FCSAFL)


Norries AFC (FSAFL)  v  Glasgow Irish AFC (G&DSFC)


Easterhouse Pheonix (A&CAFL)  v Lochend AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Yeoman AFC (FSAFL)  v  Overhype FC (ASAFL)


Corstorphine Dynamo AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  Bullwood AFC (FCSAFL)


Bellgrove AFC (FCSAFL)  v  Budhill United AFC (FCSAFL)


FC Pather AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Gorgie Hearts AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Wishaw United AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Kincorth Athletic AFC (ASAFL)


Eastend Heart AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Musselburgh United (LEAFA Sunday)


Edinburgh Caledonian AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  Eastend Tower AFC (FCSAFL)


Kirkcaldy Thistle (FSAFL)  v  Thorniewood AFC (FCSAFL)


Firwood AFC (G&DSC)  v  Third Lanark AFC (FCSAFL)


Burnside Tower AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  Malibu Athletic AFC (ASAFL)


Clydebank SFC (G&DSFC)  v  Hunterfield Vale AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Falkirk AFC (FCSAFL)  v  Barrhead United (G&DSFC)


Newarthill Athletic AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Ravenswood AFC (A&CAFL)


Summerston Amateurs (FCSAFL)  v  Wew AFC (FCSAFL)


Blantyre Victoria AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Cross Tavern AFC (A&CAFL)


Bellshill United AFC (A&CAFL)  v  Gartcairn AFC (FCSAFL)


Pentland Athletic AFC (LEAFA Sunday)  v  North East Albion AFC (ASAFL)


Irvine No1 CSC AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA)  v  Mill United AFC (A&CAFL)


Granite Thistle AFC (ASAFL)  v  Boroughmuir AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Cranhill United (FCSAFL)  v  FC Dynamo Redhurst (G&DSFC)


Coltness United (G&DSFC)  v Athletico AFC (FSAFL)


Ferguslie Star AFC (G&DSFC)  v  Wallyford Bluebell AFC (LEAFA Sunday)


Craige United AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA)  v  Larbert AFC (FCSAFL)

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