Scottish Amateur Football Association

Coaching Goalkeepers

The Scottish FA provides a set of five comprehensive courses covering the coaching of goalkeepers.


Level One - Goalkeeping Certificate
This 6-hour course is designed to assist coaches aged 16 or over who work with goalkeepers from children to adult. It comprises a practical session, together with 2 short video presentations, Working with Young Footballers and Basic First Aid. Applicants must be aged 16 or over.

Level Two - Goalkeeping Intermediate Certificate
This 12-hour non-residential course is designed to further develop coaches, aged 18 years and over, who work with goalkeepers. The course is largely practical in nature and deals with topics such as shape, mobility, shot stopping and basic handling. Applicants must be aged 18 or over and must have completed level one Goalkeeping Certificate course.

Level Three - Goalkeeping Basic Licence
This is a 12 hour non residential qualification, which assesses the competence of the Goalkeeping Intermediate Certificate course, and from 2011 candidates must be in possession of this licence prior to applying for the Advanced Goalkeeping Intro Courses.

The course is assessed on handling, shape, movement, positioning, distribution and crossing.  The candidate is expected to do a Warm Up Technique Practise and a Game.
Level Four-Advanced Goalkeeping Licence Assessment
This is a 5 day course which is split into a 3 day course and 2 1 day tutorial days which are an integral part of the course and must be attended. As well as the practical aspect of the course, theatrical input includes Physical Prep for Goalkeepers, Psychology & Management Techniques.

The course content is focused on The pass Back dealing with crosses. Distribution and shot stopping and breaks down to a drill game related practice and a conditioned game.
Level Five -Advanced Goalkeeping Licence Assessment
This is a 4 day course assessing the competence of the coach on the themes on the Intro course.  Candidates must have done the Goalkeeping Intro during the last 5 years.  


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