Scottish Amateur Football Association

Setting Up an Amateur Team


To set up a team under the jurisdiction of the Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA)


you should carry out the following procedures: -


1. Set up a Club Constitution. (Sample available to download in "Documents and Downloads")

2. Appoint a Club President / Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Manager / Coach

The Secretary / Treasurer posts can be combined by one person

3. Assemble your group of players

4. Make application to your local amateur league

Contact details can be supplied by the SAFA or can be obtained from when
your team has been set up

There is a choice of player Saturday or Sunday Football

Fixtures and referees would be issued by the Association or League which you join

5. Make application to your local council authority for the use of a pitch

6. Costs are as follows: -

a) Affiliation fee to the SAFA - £70.00 (application forms from SAFA)

b) Public Liability Insurance Premium (compulsory) - £40.00

c) Personal Accident Insurance Premium (compulsory) - £105.00 minimum.

d) Annual league fees (these vary from league to league approx £100.00 to £150.00) forms from league

e) Cup Entry fees (optional) Scottish Amateur Cup and District Amateur Cups £15.00

f) Pitch fees to local council – vary from region to region

g) Referee’s fee per match – vary from league to league (average fee around £38.00 per match)

7. Sponsorship
Approach local businesses, local community council who can have grants available for such projects