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Sporting Pumas AFC (SCAFL)

Secretary: James Grant
Tel: 07584220282
League: Sunday Central AFL
Division: Premier Division
Cups played in:
    Tops colour: (H) Purple (A) Orange & Black
    Shorts colour: (H) Purple (A) Orange & Black
    Socks colour: (H) Purple (A) Orange & Black
    Website: Website
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    Upcoming Matches
    No upcoming league matches to display
    Upcoming Cup Matches
    Team 1 Team 2 Grounds Cup Kick Off
    Edinburgh Caledonian AFC (LEAFA Sunday) Sporting Pumas AFC (SCAFL) RJM Sports Sunday Trophy Round 4 03/12/2017 14:00:00
    Latest League Results
    No league results to display
    Latest Cup Results
    Team 1 Team 2 Cup Result
    Sporting Pumas AFC (SCAFL) Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers 1997 AFC (A&CAFL) RJM Sports Sunday Trophy Round 3 2 : 0
    Sporting Pumas AFC (SCAFL) Coltness United AFC (C&DAFL) RJM Sports Sunday Trophy Round 2 7 : 0
    Sporting Pumas AFC (SCAFL) Eastfield Star AFC (SCAFL) RJM Sports Sunday Trophy Round 1 6 : 1