Scottish Amateur Football Association

Results Energywise Sunday East of Scotland Amateur Cup

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Sunday - 23rd - September - 2018

Team 1
Team 2
Round 2
Ref: Wes Boulstridge 'ST214'
Ref: Gavin Wilson 'F582'
ET: 0 : 0
P: 3 : 2
Walkover Pathhead AFC (LEAFA Sunday)
Ref: Test1 Test1 ''
Ref: Darren Lewis 'E953'
Walkover Dunfermline United AFC (FSAFL)
Ref: Test1 Test1 ''
Ref: George Thomson 'E241'
Ref: Alistair Watt 'F459'
Ref: James Cowie 'ST212'
Ref: John Campbell 'F106'
Ref: Steven Campbell 'F790'
Ref: Andrew Connelly 'ST274'
Ref: Robert McLaren 'F288'
Ref: Michael Egan 'E1048'
Ref: Robert McKenzie 'E527'
Ref: Robert McKenzie 'E527'
Ref: Michael Scott 'E647'
Ref: Paul Robertson 'St308'
ET: 0 : 0
P: 2 : 3
Ref: John Campbell 'ST357'
Walkover Glenrothes Rovers AFC (FSAFL)
Ref: Test1 Test1 ''

Sunday - 26th - August - 2018