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Statement | Winter Season 2019/20 & Summer Season 2020











Winter Season 2019/20 & Summer Season 2020





The Executive & Finance Committee of the Scottish Amateur FA at their latest meeting agreed the following guidance for all League and Association Secretaries regarding the current seasons and a detailed explanation of this decision was sent to all League and Association Secretaries following their meeting on 15th April 2020.


What the Scottish Amateur FA wish to add is that amateur football will return but only when it is safe to do so and on the advice of government, as the health and wellbeing of everyone in our game must be the first priority for everyone.


1. Player Registration portal for Summer Season 2020 remains open and can be administered in the normal manner at this time.



2. Players for the Winter Season 2020/21 can complete registration forms as normal as per the Scottish Amateur FA Constitution & Rules and an undated version of the Player Registration form is available on the Scottish Amateur FA website.



3. At this stage the Scottish FA has advised us that the Player Registration portal for Winter Season 2020/21 will open as normal, but obviously when these registrations are effective, will be dependant on the date we are able to play football again and whether the closure date for the 2019/20 Player Registration is altered at any future time.



4. The Scottish Amateur FA intend when possible to complete all National and District cup competitions for season 2019/20 at an appropriate time. For clarification this appropriate time maybe after the Player Registrations for season 2020/21 have commenced, and the situation will be assessed when football is able to re-commence.



5. The decision on how to appropriately conclude League and cup competitions for Member League & Associations in winter season 2019/20 will be a matter for individual Leagues or Associations to decide upon.

We would recommend at this time that members consult as an Executive or a General Committee, on the most suitable option for them individually but we understand that individual Leagues and Associations may wish to wait until more information is available regarding dates before making a final decision.



6. The decision on the Summer Season 2020 will be a matter for the individual member Leagues or Associations to decide upon once the date to recommence amateur football is known.



The Executive & Finance Committee wish to confidently remind you that amateur football will return and better days are ahead, but it can only be when safe to do so for the protection of all players and officials involved in our great game.



Please stay safe and continue to adhere to the government advice.



Thomas McKeown
National Secretary
Scottish Amateur FA

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