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Statement from The President of the Scottish Amateur F.A.

Statement from The President of the Scottish Amateur F.A.



Statement to all Leagues & Associations


Special General Meeting


As I am sure you will be aware the Association is currently accepting nominations for the position of Vice President and therefore it would be prudent to explain how this situation has arisen.


At this year’s Annual General Meeting on 7th June a motion was passed to remove the Senior & Junior Vice Presidents positions and replace those positions with the office of Vice President. At the AGM one nomination had been received for the Vice President’s post but during the meeting a motion to declare this nomination invalid was defeated and Mr C Gallacher duly accepted the position of Vice President.


Following the AGM comment and discussion appeared to suggest a threat of potential legal action against the Association and consequently the Office Bearers agreed to seek legal advice on the subject.


In summary the legal advice obtained declared that the processes adopted in the election of the Vice President were not unconstitutional however it was conceded that the constitution is unclear in certain points in this individual and particular case.
It was also advised that the nomination for the Vice President position was valid.


There was concern with the timescale afforded to members to put forward nominations for the Vice President position as the deadline for these nominations was 31st March 2014. In addition there was a further concern that some members may not have been notified of the opportunity to submit nominations.


This information was advised to the Council of the SAFA on 25th July 2014 who agreed in the interests of fairness to all members that the position of Vice President be declared invalid at this time and to call a Special General Meeting for the purpose of electing a Vice President and thereby giving all members a fair and equal opportunity to submit nominations.


I trust this explains the current position and following the next Council meeting on Friday 5th September the date and venue of the Special General Meeting will be confirmed and advised.


Hugh Knapp


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