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SAFA Select v Midlands AFA Result & Match Report

Friendly Match 02/06/13


SAFA Select 3   Midlands AFA 1


Played at Colville Park on Sunday, 2nd June 2013.

Posted as a friendly, the real purpose was to give the select manager Bruce McNaught a chance to run the rule over a wide spread of players that were recommended to him. So with that in mind the exercise was deemed a success.


From the start the Association were quick to pen their opponents back in their own half and within minutes Chris Duff only to be denied by Craig Millar but the keeper had no chance in the 11th minute when McCrae found Jal Victoira who flicked the ball home with casual ease.


The Dundee men were now under serious threat and struggled to contain Victoria and Timmoney but got lucky when a snap shot from Hadden was cleared off the goal line by the alert defender Blair. The SAFA continued to dominate the first period and just before the break Scott Hadden saw another fine strike, this time save by the keeper Craig Millar that gave the team heart for the second period.


Into the second half the game opened up and it was the visitor’s turns to impress. However, this opened them up to a swift counter attack that left the tricky Thomas Donovan with time and space to sweep the ball home. Probably stunned by this turn of events the visitors conceded a third minutes later. This time it Nathan Austin who did his duty from the penalty spot, giving the goal keeper little chance to save.


So the SAFA were in a comfort zone but the Midlands started to ask questions and substitute keeper Dean Gear was asked some searching questions before the visitors got a goal back. With Fifteen minutes remaining a sharp move left James Tracy with the space to hammer into the net. Suitable encouraged they searched for a second only to be stopped in their track by Ally Brown when he brought Tracey down just short of the 18-yard box. Brown unfortunately saw Red, while the Midlands wasted the free-kick with the ball high over the target.


In the end the Bruce McNaught and his management team were left with plenty to think abouts given the display of both sets of players. It is also worth noting the excellent game that the referee had along with his assistants had on the day and thanks to everyone at Colville Park Country Club for their super hospitality.


SAFA Select


1 Jason Curran (Star Hearts AFC)


2 Ross Goodwin (Glenburn MW AFC)


3 Ally Brown (Postal United AFC)


4 Jamie Stewart (Edinburgh Rose AFC)


5 Gary Gaitens (Wellhouse AFC)


6 Jamie Bradley (Greenock HSFP AFC)


7 Keiron Timmany (St.Josephs AFC)


8 Ewan McCrae (Harestanes AFC)


9 Jal Victoria (Giffnock North AFC)


10 Scott Hadden (Whitehill EK AFC)


11 Chris Duff (Campsie Minerva AFC)


12 Peter Gilhoulay (Edinburgh South Vics AFC)


14 Derek Currie (Bannockburn AFC)


15 Michael Kustra (Edinburgh Rose AFC)


16 Jordan McIntosh (Whitehill EK AFC)


17 Jamie Campbell 


18 David Donaldson (Bannockburn AFC)


19 Nathan Austin (Leven United AFC)


20 Thomas Donovan (Ardrossan CR AFC)


Midlands AFA


Craig Millar. Dale Lauder. Blair Davidson. Alan Leith. Marco Noturangelo. Scott Dramm. Richard Caryle. Barry Pullar. David Romilly. Brian McNicholl. James Tracey – Craig Gordon. Zander Haggart. Gary Munn. Leighton Davidson. Leonard Ewing.


Match Officials


Mathew McDermott

Alistair Leghorn

Ross Anderson

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